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Why evolution can't take the heat!

By Nicholas Comninellis, MD

Co-authored with Joe White, President of Kanakuk Kamps.
Published by MasterBooks, 2001. Paperback, 196 pages.


"I was so glad when a friend referred me to this terrific book. The science perspective just didn't add up for me, just didn't make sense. This book was very clear to the non-scientific mind, but yet very scientific. Evolution has not been able to prove itself. There are "Missing Links" that later their own discoverer disavowed. Big Bangs explode in one direction, so why do we have some planetary moons and such rotating to opposite direction. The 2nd law of Thermodynamics says - Things wind down...they don't improve. How did these two Male and Female a world apart ever find each other....How long did the Thumb live before a Toe evolved...much less the eye or ear. I am so thankful for this informative book and that there are other opinions besides what is fed into us at the University. Evolution may become the biggest joke this earth has ever believed. Many scientist have stopped looking for our beginnings on earth and moved on to Mars... still looking for water. I am thankful that I don't have to fall for the Brainwashing that evolution is teaching in our schools. Thank you for this great book!!!"

Amazon.com reader from Texas
February 6, 2004

"As a scientist, when I started reading this book, I was looking for holes, as I had always believed in evolution. There definitely was a God, but the Earth was developed over a long period of time. The authors do a fantastic job of logically laying out how Creationism is the only way that can be true. They basically uncover facts that the scientific community has been hiding for years. All we ever read in our science books is how Darwin's theory of evolution is really the only theory that can work. The curriculum fails to even think about the theory of a creator. This book is a must read for those people looking for Truth. Just read the book and decide for yourself."

Wesley J. Bolsen
Stanford, CA
November 21, 2003

"This is an excellent book written at a layman's level that exposes the profound weakness of the evolutionally theory as proposed by Darwin and espoused by most educational systems of the day. Dr. Comninellis and Dr. White have done an excellent job of presenting the basic tenants of evolution and pointing out where these fail to be supported by scientific facts. An intellectually honest person reading this book will feel very uncomfortable with the teaching of evolution. They also will find it difficult to resist the strength of the arguments for a creation theory of origins."

Don Philgreen MD,
Faculty Physician, Research Medical Center
Kansas City, MO
August 27, 2003

"Ideas have consequences. Evolution makes converts to atheism. Parents are shocked when their child leaves the Christian faith. But why should they be, considering they are convincingly taught evolution by science teachers and textbooks. Dr. Nicholas Comninellis, a physician and teacher of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Missouri, and author of Darwin’s Demise - Why Evolution Can’t Take the Heat, gives a brilliant defense of the creation account from a scientific perspective. Theistic evolution is neither biblical nor scientific."

Bob & Geri Boyd, Directors of Issues in Education
Prescott, AZ
August, 2003


"This is the greatest book in this area. Even if you don't believe in God, after reading this book you will agree that evolution is not possible. It should not be taught in our schools as fact. Evolution is scientifically impossible, and there are countless facts to prove it. Evolution is the biggest fraud in the history of man. Any good scientist will say, the only facts that matter are the facts against a theory. The facts against the theory of evolution are huge. After reading this book you will laugh at the theory of evolution."

Joel Getschel, Osceola WI
August 7, 2002


"This book fills a gap in the ongoing Creation-Evolution debate. It is pitched at the uninformed High School and Undergraduate age-range who have imbibed evolutionary presuppositions and evidence along with their mother's milk and find it hard to consider any other position, especially if they have never been exposed to any conflicting evidence.

It is well written and illustrated and marshals some fascinating and intriguing biblical and scientific arguments at both the presuppositonal and evidential levels. It also contains important philosophical and historical data. It is designed to make people think and seriously question the many superficial and unchallenged evidences for evolutionary science they may have been taught, and that is exactly what it does.

I have not yet come across a book that so ably and clearly sets forth the relevant issues for this intended audience. Highly commendable."

Greg Haslam, London, England
August 2, 2002


"I just finished reading the book Darwin's Demise and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have three sons in 5th, 6th and 7th grade who are studying the issues of evolution. As stated in the book, Darwin's theory is presented as fact rather than theory in their textbooks. It was helpful to show my kids "the rest of the story" regarding "Lucy" and the lizard birds. Thank you very much for this very valuable book."

Scott Murray
September 13, 2002

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