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Chapter One - How Did Life Begin?
Darwin Defined
Darwin: A Closer Look
Tiny Changes Don't Count
Breeding And Artificial Selection Don't Count
The Evidence Please
Creative Alternative
Creation Completed
Impressive Adherents
The Evidence Please
Watch Your Bias

Chapter Two - Impossible Odds!
DNA, What Do You Say?
Without Everything, You Have Nothing
No Simple Cells
Spontaneous Generation - The Origin Of Life?
Accidents We Can Live Without
Mutations - Rare and Harmful
Mutations - New Information Machines?
What Good Is Half a Wing?
Eyeing The Matter
Against All Odds
Evidence On Trial

Chapter Three - Not As Old As You've Been Told
The Talk in the Rock
To Become A Fossil, Speed Must Be Colossal!
Which Came First?
The Flood and the Mud
What Happened To The Dinosaurs?
A Radiometric Date May Make You Late
Calling On The Experts
Not as Old as You've Been Told
Age Is No Requirement
Big Bang?
Big Bust!
It's About Time!

Chapter Four - The Real Hard Rock
Fossils - The Real Hard Rock
Scientists Agree: The Talk Is in the Rock
No Plants From Slime
No Bird from Lizard
A Horse Is a Horse, of Course!
Whale of a Tale
No More Speculation
Had Enough of Hard Rock?
Retro Hard Rock: The Facts Revisited

Chapter Five - Human Evolution? Not!
Uniquely Human
Australopithecus Is Not Among Us
Homo habilis - Another Not Among Us
Homo Erectus from Java, Indonesia
Homo Erectus from Peking
What about Neanderthal Man?
Deception: Nebraska Man
Fraud: Piltdown Man
The Ape That's Late
No Bones About It

Chapter Six - Creation Is Everywhere
Ready, Set, Go!
Evolution = Science Fiction
Creation - It's Everywhere
Is Design an Unscientific Explanation?
What Does Creation Look Like?
Creation in Life
No Surprise: Life with Similarities
Creation in Our Universe
Our Universe Was Ready-Made
Leaders of Science Who Uphold Creation

Chapter Seven - Why Is Evolution So Attractive?
Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups
No Longer A Theory: The Hypothesis Of Evolution
Evolution: It's A Philosophy
Zealots, Hallucinations, And Propaganda
Evolution's Nuclear Fallout
Fallout: Disrespect for Human Life
Darwin's Downfall
Creation's Social Outcome
More Fallout: Elimination of God
What Should We Do?

Chapter Eight - Who Is The Creator?
Will the Real Creator Please Step Up?
Head Professor
Going to the Source
Does Jesus Meet the Tests?
Just Who Is Jesus?
Jesus: The Creator
The Biblical Account of Creation
What about Theistic Evolution?
How Old Is the Universe?
Trust the Creator
Decision Time

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